Technical Tour

VitiNord 2022 is excited to host a Vineyard & Winery Innovation Tour for participants to attend on Wednesday, December 7th

The planned focus of the tour is terroir-driven wine, focusing on Vermont’s unique geology.  

For being such a small wine region, Vermont is home to a high concentration of innovators focusing in regenerative farming practices incorporating sheep and biodynamic agriculture, as well as low intervention and natural winemaking techniques.

We will explore how these practices lay the framework for producing terroir-driven wines to showcase our unique geology. The tour will specifically supplement the conference program content, bringing participants into the field and winery with experts leading the way. Participants will have the opportunity to explore multiple Vermont vineyards and production facilities.

We plan to end the tour with a unique celebration of our international gathering showcasing Vermont’s farm to table culture and locally sourced beverages. Our goal with this tour is to celebrate our community and hopefully send participants home with a few new progressive ideas to integrate into their own vineyard and/or winery.

Exact itinerary and details coming very soon!!!